Strong Values: The Language We Speak

Since its founding, EC has grown at an extraordinary rate without diminishing the unique qualities that make people want to work for—and with—the firm. It’s an exceptional feat, and it’s due in no small part to our values.

A strong culture anchored in a clear set of values is essential to building a global organization capable of making a real difference. Eclectic Consult's managing partners have kept EC’s values alive and made them part of the firm’s common language through writing, storytelling, and mentoring. In 2014 the CEO helped draft a formal statement describing each of these values and why each one matters. This has reevaluated and reaffirmed what EC stands for, maintaining an impressive continuity. These values will continue to underpin everything the firm does to maintain its leading position in the marketplace and remain such a rewarding, inspiring place to work.


Respect for the Individual


Clients Come First

The Strategic Perspective

Value Delivered


Expanding the Art of the Possible

Social Impact