If you are interested in pursuing a career with EC, here’s how you apply.

Consulting Roles

EC actively recruits passionate, open-minded, and accomplished people from around the world. Find out more about consulting careers and who we seek.

You may apply online to up to three offices simultaneously, and your application will be sent automatically to those offices you specify. Although we accept applications throughout the year, we do have deadlines for students at specific colleges and universities at which we recruit.

Current Students

If you're currently enrolled in a college or university program at the undergraduate or graduate level, we may have specialized information for your school about our recruiting process and how to apply. Enter the name of your school in the search box below to apply and find dates, times, and locations of recruiting events on your campus, application deadlines, and contact information for the recruiting team and EC alumni at your school.

If your school does not appear in the search box, we encourage you to complete our general online application. It's the best way to ensure that your application is complete and gets into the right hands.

Experienced Professionals

EC seeks experienced professionals from across industries, functions, and disciplines. You can choose either our traditional or expert career track and start at virtually any level of our organization, depending on the length and depth of your work experience.

Knowledge and Analytics Roles

EC's Center for Knowledge & Analytics is a truly global organization of business and technical professionals that brings together leading topic and sector experts, data scientists and research specialists. The team leverages deep expertise, advanced tools and analytical techniques to create the essential insights that enable our consultants to solve complex business challenges and deliver superior value to clients. We are continuously seeking a diverse range of talented individuals to join our rapidly expanding global team across a wide range of locations.

Business Services Roles

The Business Services Team at EC is comprised of the various functions that work together to support and run the business – Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal, Marketing, Operations, Practice Area Management, Risk, and more. We hire for members of the Business Services Team in each of our offices around the globe.


We accept online applications from exceptional business school, engineering, science, law and humanities students who are nearing completion of their undergraduate or graduate studies. Learn more about internships or start your application below.