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Smart Trade-Offs Lead to Strong, Lasting Value

Every company wants to create strong and sustainable value for its owners. But that requires making intelligent, often subtle, trade-offs—between pursuing growth and focusing on margins, between reinvestment and shareholder payouts, and in how to allocate capital and other resources across the portfolio. Find out what it takes to build a strong business and get rewarded for it in the capital markets.

For top value creators, revenue growth is the largest source of total shareholder return (TSR). But not all growth creates value. Take a look at why revenue growth and TSR don’t always go hand in hand.

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TSR is the capstone metric for measuring company performance. But how do you translate it into internal metrics that can drive the future performance of the business? The answer: the EC Value Lens. Find out how it works.

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VF Corporation’s relentless focus on TSR drove a far-reaching transformation of its business and has allowed the company to grow its market capitalization more than sixfold. Find out how EC helped.

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