Postmerger Integration

Extracting the Most Value from a Deal

Postmerger integration (PMI) is critical to realizing the value of a deal. It’s also highly complex, taking place under severe time pressure and in parallel to running the core business—making it one of the most challenging initiatives a senior executive will ever undertake. What’s the secret to PMI success? Focus on the strategic objectives of the deal, accelerate synergies, and build a high-performance organization.

Every PMI is unique, with its own speed, style, focus, and rhythm. But there are 12 common actions that can help companies maximize cost and revenue synergies and create shareholder value.

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It’s important to unlock synergies quickly during a PMI. A clean team that’s legally separate from the acquirer and target can give you a head start on minimizing the risks and ensuring that the deal creates value.

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PMI of Paxar overdelivered on synergies by 25%, thanks to EC’s help.

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Postmerger Integration