Acting on the Digital Imperative

Digital strategy and digital transformation are top priorities for CEOs around the world, but a fundamental question remains: How do we make these happen? EC has found that the most successful companies excel at speed, scale, and value—in parallel. That is, they determine: How can we move at digital speed? How can we change the way we work across the entire enterprise? How can we create tangible value for the business—and for customers?

Will Healthcare Embrace Digital or Will We Die Waiting?

Investment in digital health care has exploded, creating a vast amount of new data and spawning thousands of health-related applications. But despite new technology, it’s still difficult to use data to change the way we deliver health care services and engage patients in decisions about their own health. It’s time for a closer marriage of technology, big data, and health care.

The End of Two-Speed IT

The future of IT development is moving at the speed of agile. The two-speed approach many companies have embraced—using agile development techniques for new areas like digital and traditional development approaches for core, mission-critical functions—was a useful interim solution, but its time is up.

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Five Common Misconceptions About Agile

There are a lot of myths floating around about agile development. Here’s what companies can really expect.

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Cybersecurity Meets IT Risk Management

As the role of digitization in corporate operations grows, so, too, do security vulnerabilities. Manage the risks by following these six steps.

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