Navigating a Demanding Landscape with Innovation and Transformation

Primary, secondary, postsecondary, and vocational institutions around the world are facing many challenges. In every market, they are expected to embrace new technologies, respond to changing labor markets, and manage increasing globalization—while delivering better student outcomes on ever-tighter budgets. Is it possible to navigate these often competing demands while fulfilling their core missions? Yes, through innovation and transformation.

When it comes to online learning, all students are not created equal. Learn about the five types of online students. By understanding their unique needs, you can create more compelling online offerings.

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It’s not enough to implement the latest technology. Schools have to deploy it strategically to truly transform teaching and learning. Following these six steps can help.

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Malaysia set a long-term goal to reach developed nation status by 2020, but a low-skilled workforce was holding it back. Take a look at how closing its skills gap has enabled Malaysia to advance toward that goal.

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