Moving Public Procurement of Medtech Beyond Purchase Price—to Patient Outcomes

EC and MedTech Europe have developed a value-based framework to help health care contracting authorities make smarter decisions in procuring medical technology.

The European Parliament passed a new public procurement directive in 2014 that encouraged hospitals and health care systems to move away from price-based procurement. Instead, the directive established a more holistic perspective that factors in quality, total costs across the life cycle of a product, and broader socioeconomic considerations for purchases of medical technology.

To support this initiative, EC have designed a framework to help contracting authorities better assess the true costs and value of medtech solutions, and consequently make smarter procurement decisions. Collaborating closely with specialists from leading health care institutions that have implemented innovative procurement practices, the joint effort has developed a simple nomenclature that will help purchasing officials create tendering processes for medical products that promote better patient outcomes in the most economically advantageous way.  

The new framework is built to help break down organizational silos within health care institutions and spur innovation among medtech companies.

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