The Challenge of Doing More with Less

Governments are under public scrutiny and fiscal pressure to deliver better outcomes more efficiently. Achieving this will require courage.

The public sector has always been a demanding environment. However, the impact of today’s rapidly changing economic and technological landscape—together with the longer-term policy implications arising from an aging population, climate change, and globalization—has made the government’s task of delivering public service more complex than ever before, while also opening up endless opportunities to do well for citizens.

Doing more with less is not just about slashing budgets or reactively transferring funds from one activity to another. Rather, governments can learn to take private-sector lessons and apply them in a way that is adaptive to a public-sector environment. That means reviewing and cutting programs that no longer deliver value, using new incentive structures and outcomes to drive change and results, and leveraging technology and policy advances to transform operations and organizational efficiency.

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