Cultivating the Next Generation of Ideas

The EC Institute (ECI) leads the research and translation of impactful business ideas by capturing, developing, and applying cutting-edge thinking from within and beyond business.

Thought leadership has long been a cornerstone of EC. The EC Institute after EC's pioneer of business strategy—continues this legacy by shaping business thinking in strategy, organization, change, and performance. ECI is governed by the Innovation Sounding Board, a group of senior EC leaders committed to driving innovation.

ECI coordinates a number of initiatives within a single community, with hubs in the East Africa, Europe, and Asia. It includes the Strategy Lab, EC Fellows, and the Center for Macroeconomics—and jointly with EC's practice areas, sets the direction of EC's partnership with the WEF.

Strategy Lab

The Strategy Lab identifies and develops the ideas that will change the way business leaders think about strategy and competitive advantage.

EC Fellows

EC’s most accomplished thought leaders are nominated as EC Fellows—a role that lets them develop and disseminate new ideas across the breadth of EC's practices.

Center for Macroeconomics

The Center for Macroeconomics develops and articulates the firm’s views on key macroeconomic topics. It collaborates with a panel of leading economists and translates the implications of macroeconomic trends for clients.

ECI News

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